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Customer Journey Mapping Fundamentals

Every customer is on a journey, yet many organisations treat each customer interaction as if it's an isolated event. To improve customer experience (CX), organisations must understand how their business strategy aligns to their CX strategy.  This enables to them to cater for their customer's entire journey and provide   a ‘wow’ customer experience.

Our training program is based upon industry standard and adult learning theory and principles. This encourages knowledge retention through engaging motivated, self-directed adults to use relevant, practical, life experience and knowledge to achieve     the goals of the learning opportunity.

Attendees will be provided with an overview of Customer Journey Maps, their purpose and benefits, as well as the framework and key components.

  • Understand how to interpret customer journey maps and how they can be applied in your business to better understand customers. 

  • The role customer journey maps play in designing and improving the customer experience.

  • The purpose and benefits of customer journey mapping.

  • Describe and document how customers interact with my business.

  • Identify pain points, processes that are working well and opportunities for improvement.

  • The framework and key components.

  • Integrating customer journey maps into your business operations to transform CX and become a more customer centric organisation.


Delivery Method:

Half Day Virtual Classroom 

All Customer Facing Staff, Transformation Professionals, Business Analysts and Change Agents.

Target Audience:

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