Communication Skills 

Ensure your staff can communicate clearly and effectively.


What client questions will it answer?

  • How can my staff communicate more effectively. 

  • How can i reduce complaints and errors caused by miscommunication and misunderstanding.


Who will benefit from it?

  • Staff interacting with internal and external customers.


Format and Topics

This half-day training program is aimed at staff to improve their ability to effectively manage customer interactions. The training program objectives include enabling staff to:

  • Understand the different types of communication. 

  • Demonstrate the essential skills required to have effective dialogue and seek confirmation or clarification when and where necessary (that is, to understand the customer's request or query, and explore and clarify the customer's intent).

  • Recognise how to cultural backgrounds affect communication style and develop techniques to respectfully communication. 

  • Active listening techniques.

  • Understand and demonstrate a 'tone of voice' aligned to the organisation's objectives, brand and culture. 

  • Apply the appropriate brand-aligned email etiquette to use in any given scenario.

  • Demonstrate how trust, credibility and approachability can enhance communication when it is being applied to different situations (for example, stressful events, understanding customer needs).

  • Understand and demonstrate the importance of trust, relationship building and rapport with work colleagues and customer.

  • Understand the importance of body language and clear communication when communicating with customers.

As a result of this course, attendees will have an enhanced understanding of how to communicate effectively.