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Isabella Villani is a thought leader in in strategy, marketing, customer experience (CX), employee engagement and organisational transformation. Renowned for leading high-performing teams, she is greatly sought after as a speaker at industry forums and events around the world.  Isabella is a published author with globally recognition for her two books Good to Great CX and Transform Customer Experience (

As the founder of Exceed Global (, Isabella has earned an international reputation for her infectious passion. With more than 20 years of experience at the forefront of CX, she focuses on delivering world-class keynote speaking engagements, custom workshops, executive training and consulting services in banking and finance, telecommunications, health, utilities, as well as government and not-for-profit organisations. 

Isabella is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (Order of Merit) and is currently a Board Member for Victorian Interpreting and Translating Service (VITS) LanguageLoop, a state business corporation of the Victorian Government that delivers expert language services across Australia, Non-Executive Director for Waterpool Trading, an organisation that provides a market driven water trading platform and Retail Advisory Board Member at Save the Children, an international Children’s charity. 

She is certified in Six Sigma (Black Belt), Kaizen, Systems Thinking Design, Project Management and has a bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology from La Trobe University.  Throughout her career, Isabella has consistently demonstrated an ability to integrate her experience across customer experience, operations, sales and marketing, technology and cultural change to optimise processes, technology, customer potential and human capital.  She also excels in sourcing and managing strategic partnerships to achieve growth, streamlining operations and improving organisation-wide employee and customer experience. 

Chief Executive Officers and Chairs frequently leverage her expertise and execution of growth and efficiency initiatives, as well as her ability to lead transformation and sustainable change across an entire enterprise, resulting in success for customers, the organisation and its people.

list of popular topics

The Speaking page explains the topics in greater detail. If you would like Isabella to speak about a particular topic please do not hesitate to contact her and she can customise her presentation to suit your unique needs. 


Delivering Great CX today and into the future.


Good to Great CX.


The Future of Customer Experience.


Welcome to the age of empathy.


Be the voice of your Customer.


Honing a successful customer experience strategy within your organisation.


Leveraging Customer Journey Mapping to Deliver you CX.


Customer Journey Mapping.


Smart CX Design to improve business outcomes.


Game changing CX starts with superior employee experience.


The art of story telling to align your business.


Extending Your Brand and CX into the Digital Marketplace.


The art of story telling to deliver Great CX.


What's your C(X) Factor?


Omnichannel customer experience: From startegy to delivery.

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