past engagements


Engage Conferences

  • Interactive Intelligence’s Engage 2014 conference: I presented on the topic ‘Remote Working Strategies’.


  • Interactive Intelligence’s Engage 2015 conference: I ran a workshop on the topic ‘Net Promoter Score:  Beyond Scoring to Innovation and Best Practice


  • Interactive Intelligence’s Interactions 2016 conference: I presented on the topic ‘Technology Optimisation – Revolutionise your CX and Business’.


2016 APAC Conference

I conducted two presentations during the conference.  One topic was ‘Customer Experience Strategy’ and the other was ‘Customer Journey Mapping’.


Roundtable Luncheon

The Moment of Truth: Challenging the Status Quo’ Roundtable Luncheon:  I was invited as a guest speaker at an event in Sydney in September 2017 with 15 senior executives from various organisations, including AMP, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Zurich Insurance, QBE Insurance, Insurance Australia Group (IAG), Suncorp, TAL Insurance, BT Financial and CitiGroup.  The event was recorded and the event was transcribed into articles and blogs as a condition of the engagement.  An example can be seen here.


2017 Conference

This conference targeted Australian local councils.  I was engaged as panel member and the keynote speaker, addressing the topic ‘Honing a customer experience strategy in your organisation’.  Event photos and a video snippet of my October 2017 presentation can be seen here.


Bank Marketing Strategy Day

I was keynote speaker at ANZ’s Strategy Day, which was held in Sydney during September 2017 and involved all the bank’s 200 marketing staff.


Staff Conference

I was the keynote presenter at this conference attended by all TAFE NSW staff (approx. 500 people).  The topic of the presentation was ‘Transforming the Customer Experience from Good to Great’.



Delivering Great CX today and into the future

With the introduction of new technologies including AI and VR, organisations need to understand the impact of these technologies.  Listen to best practice approaches to leverage them to optimise business operations and integrate them with existing channels and touchpoints.  This involves transforming your business and operating model to deliver Great CX and provide an innovative, consistent and seamless omni channel customer experience across these channels and touchpoints.


Good to Great CX

Gain valuable insights into how to get your CX from good to great.  Isabella talks about how to attract and retain customers in a world where they're writing the rules.  The event includes providing an understand of what makes for good CX and what your customers expect, CX trends for 2018 and drivers for CX innovation.


The Future of Customer Experience

This topic focuses on drivers of customer expectations and the future direction of the CX industry. Learn about CX market trends, hot topics and find out which technologies, data and analytics and operational changes that will make a real difference. This event offers inspiring stories, real-life customer case studies and will take you on a journey into the future.


Welcome to the age of empathy

By 2030, over 400 million jobs around the world will be displaced by automation. But instead of a bleak dystopia of robots, this new Age of Automation is a unique opportunity to capitalise on the power of the human touch. So how do you successfully operationalize this across your customer-facing teams?


Be the voice of your customer

Leverage customer success metrics including Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort to measure your CX and provide insights to drive improvement, innovation and best practice.


Honing a successful customer experience strategy within your organisation

Organisations must now operate in a highly contested global marketplace where customers demand and expect a personalised experience across multiple channels. With a changing landscape on the doorstep, all organisations are finding themselves in the middle of a digital revolution and in order to remain current and continue to effectively engage with customers, a robust CX strategy is key. Isabella offers insights on what is a CX strategy, its purpose, elements that comprise a best practice strategy.

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Leveraging Customer Journey Mapping to deliver your CX strategy

This is an executive briefing session that discusses the application of Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) to transform CX and become a customer centric organisation.  Isabella will cover the benefits and success measures and also share an in-depth case studies. 


Customer Journey Mapping

This workshop is for business professionals who want to understand how to develop and use one of the most important tools in the customer experience toolbox: the Customer Journey Map. The session covers key concepts including application of CJM, benefits and success measures, framework, key components and tools as well as tips on embedding CJM in your organisation’s operating rhythm.


Smart CX design to improve business outcomes

Technology is a vital component in providing great customer experiences - but it’s only part of the puzzle.  Join Isabella Villani as she explores how human centred design and journey mapping can help organisations to take a step back and put the decisions you make in context of what you’re trying to achieve.


Game changing customer experience starts with superior employee experience

Human interaction matters more than ever before. And your customers want more of it. Therefore, it’s crucial for today’s technology to support human interaction, be unobtrusive and work seamlessly. Furthermore, there’s a mismatch between customer expectations and how employees deliver. How are you empowering your employees to execute your company’s customer experience vision?


The art of story telling to align your business

Using stories is a powerful way to take your people on a journey and align and motivate them.  A key component of a successful transformation program is change management and taking your employees on the journey with you. Customer experience stories resonate through the organisation from the frontline teams to the back office and beyond. Enabling employees to deliver great customer experience is a tangible rallying point for employee engagement.  Explore how you can leverage your CX strategy to align your business, increase employee engagement and transform your customer experience.

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Extending your Brand and CX into the Digital Marketplace

In today’s competitive global market, a good customer experience isn't enough. Companies are striving to attract and retain customers who expect and demand a personalised experience that has a "wow factor." Isabella Villani, an industry strategist and author of “Good to Great CX,” will discuss best practices to deliver engaging CX.


Sometimes the best CX is nothing at all

Every year we’re spending more money to interrupt more people more often, with messages they don’t care about and don’t pay attention to. We’ve come to believe that the way to succeed is to have an advantage - by being different or better, more visible, or just plain louder. What if instead of finding ways to be one step ahead of your competition you could give people reasons to choose and then stay with you?


What is you (C)X Factor?

In the Age of the Customer, companies are awakening to the need to be customer-centric. This is fueling transformation campaigns, technology innovations, culture development, and countless CX and EX improvement initiatives. However, the ultimate goal is the same – create tangible benefits and improve business performance. Join this session to learn how CX leaders are stepping up to become a primary driver of growth for their brands and companies.


Omnichannel customer experience: From strategy to delivery

In an environment that is offering so much choice for customers, the customer is in the driver’s seat and has expectations on how you deliver a seamless, easy and consistent customer experience across multiple channels and touchpoints.