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Isabella Villani
Isabella Villani


Isabella is frequently engaged for keynote presentations across various industries. Clients leverage Isabella's extensive experience in customer experience, employee engagement, business transformation and omnichannel-strategy to create an experience that excites, motivates and inspires your audience!


Isabella delivers the best-in-class training programs and conference presentations exceed the boundaries of what is possible in employee experience. She is renowned for her ability to facilitate workshops with executives and boards, bring the best out of participants whilst delivering strategic outcomes.  

Isabella Villani
Isabella Villani


Isabella has dedicated her career to delivering great customer experiences and building organisational capability. She provides innovative and best practice solutions to help organisations solve problems, gain market advantage and increase profitability. She listens to her clients' unique needs and collaborates to deliver tailored outcomes. 


Isabella is a well-regarded author and thought leader in the customer experience landscape. Her books have been published globally and they explore how to put the customer first and create exceptional CX. Her latest book 'Transform Customer Experience' is a must have for CX professionals wanting to achieve customer success, purchase your copy now!

Isabella Villani

'Transform Customer Experience … is absolutely jam-packed with the latest thinking, the most competitively successful ideas and practical case studies from around the world.’


DON PEPPERS, best-selling author and global CX authority


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