Develop your staff and shift your organsiation from good to great CX with Isabella's training and workshops.

Training your people is an essential part of delivering great CX.  Ideally, you want your staff to recognise customers' problems, offer best-practice solutions, and even detect problem areas in advance. 

Isabella and her team can tailor training programs and workshops to meet the needs of your organisation and its people. The training programs and workshops consist of practical advice, case studies and templates to give your team a head start in designing, implementing and sustaining a ‘wow’ customer experience. The programs bring the Good to Great CX ‘how-to’ guide to life, leveraging industry data and insights to help you build new approaches that will transform your organisation’s CX from good to great.

Training & Workshop Programs

Delivering Best Practice CX in Complex Situations

Managing Customers Effectively

Customer Journey  Mapping

Customer Experience Training Programs for Front Line Staff

Promoting Self-Service Channels

Customer Experience Leadership Training

Email Management Workshop

Conference Presentation - Thought Leadership in the CX space

Managing Difficult Situations



Delivering Customer Experience in a Cost-Effective Manner


Communication Skills


Coaching for Leaders

Customer Experience Fundamentals for Leaders


Sales Enhancement

Transform your business by leveraging Complaints insights and storytelling

Leading High-Performance Teams

Using Data to Drive Operational Efficiency and Best Practice

Call Control Techniques: Overall Picture


Sales Training

Staff Development Workshop


Train the Trainer

Managing Customer Relationships

Good to Great CX for Leaders

NPS: Beyond Scoring to Innovation and Best Practice



Restoring Customer Relationships

Team Leadership Development Workshop

Customer Experience Training Program -Effective conflict