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Isabella Villani

Develop your staff and shift your organisation from good to great CX with Isabella's training and workshops.

Training your people is an essential part of delivering great CX.  Ideally, you want your staff to recognise customers' problems, offer best-practice solutions, and even detect problem areas in advance. 

Isabella and her team can tailor training programs and workshops to meet the needs of your organisation and its people. The training programs and workshops consist of practical advice, case studies and templates to give your team a head start in designing, implementing and sustaining a ‘wow’ customer experience. The programs bring the Good to Great CX ‘how-to’ guide to life, leveraging industry data and insights to help you build new approaches that will transform your organisation’s CX from good to great.

Training & Workshop Programs

Isabella Villani

CX for Leaders 
Align your Leadership to Best Practice

The course is jam packed with strategies to uplift performance and deliver quality outcomes, while exceeding customer expectations. 

Isabella Villani

Coaching for Leaders -
Futureproof your Leadership Style

This course empowers leaders to think differently and be more effective to assist employees to stay motivated and focused on their goals.

Isabella Villani

Customer Journey

This course provides an overview of Customer Journey Maps, their purpose and benefits, as well as the framework and key components.

Isabella Villani

Driving Customer Advocacy and Complaint Resolution

This program equips you with strategies  to manage difficult situations and resolve complaints with the customer at heart.

Isabella Villani

Resume Writing to Get your Dream Job

The interactive course empowers you to write an amazing resume that attracts hiring managers and helps you get the job you want.

Isabella Villani

CX for Frontline Staff 
Align your Business to Best Practice

This interactive course provides you with best practice techniques for delivering an exceptional customer service to your customers.

Isabella Villani

Coaching for Frontline Staff 
Futureproof your 

This course empowers you to think differently about the importance of coaching and how it can help to remain motivated and focused on goals.

Isabella Villani

Customer Journey
Mapping for Business Professionals

This interactive course equips you with tools and templates and tips on how to run CJM workshops and use them effectively in your business.


Dealing with 

This training program helps analyse the difficulties when dealing with change in the workplace by minimising stress associated with change.

Isabella Villani

Writing Effective

This interactive course provides tips on how to construct written communications in a way that allows customers to best understand the message.

Isabella Villani

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the

The interactive training program gives you an enhanced understanding of diversity in the workplace and raises your own self awareness.

Isabella Villani

Using Feedback to  Transform your Business to the Ideal Future State 

This course shows you how to engage and manage internal customer relationships to transform your business by leveraging customer insights.


Managing Vulnerable Customers and Difficult Situations

This program takes a holistic approach to customer interactions across your organisation aimed at improving your ability to deliver exceptional CX.

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