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Brilliant Business Basics: Process and Customer Journey Mapping

Before embarking on big change, understanding how you operate today is essential. Process and customer journey mapping gives you a solid baseline to leap from.


The first step for any mapping engagement is to develop a register, confirming the scope and effort required to perform the detailed process and customer journey mapping. This provides a single source of truth to identify the prioritised processes and journeys for detailed mapping. 


Once the Register has been completed, Exceed deploys its subject matter experts to empower the client with access to industry best practice process and customer journey mapping capability to map the prioritised processes and journey maps.  


Exceed Global's approach includes:

  • Building a process and customer journey repository.

  • Identifying high priority processes and journeys.

  • Document customer journeys and process maps.

  • Calibrate and verify all maps and assess improvements, including optimisation, elimination, automation or consolidation.

  • Finalise and socialise across the business.

  • Work with the client to implement end execute on the change initiatives identified during the engagement. 


Contact us today to find out how we can bring Brilliant Business Basics to your organisation.

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