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Coaching for Frontline Staff - 
Futureproof your Business

Coaches can empower people to think differently, create self-awareness, and teach integrated thinking and observation.  Through coaching you can learn to build trust and rapport and boost communication skills by using active listening, reflection, empathy, and powerful questioning.

This course empowers frontline staff to think differently about the importance of being coached in their role   and how it can be leveraged to remain motivated and focused on their goals. It also empowers staff to strive to deliver best practice customer interactions and empowers them to be in control of their career.

This highly interactive program enables you to embed your learning during activities, practice and fine tune techniques and share your experiences with the wider group.

  • Leverage feedback from your coach to deliver a personalised, seamless, consistent, and positive experience for your customers.

  • Understand best practice standards for customer interactions to enhance call, email and face-to-face efficiency.

  • View customer interactions from a more customer centric viewpoint.

  • Create a culture of empathy and empowerment to assist the customer with accuracy, professionalism and care.

  • Embrace a coaching culture where you can leverage coaching to improve employee experience.

  • Understand your role in coaching and the importance it has on customer experience and your career.

Delivery Method:

Half Day Virtual Classroom

All Customer Interfacing Staff

Target Audience:

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