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Coaching for Leaders - 
Futureproof your Leadership Style

Coaches can empower people to think differently, create self-awareness, and teach integrated thinking and observation.  Through coaching you can learn to build trust and rapport and boost communication skills by using active listening, reflection, empathy, and powerful questioning.

This course empowers leaders to think differently and   be more effective to assist employees to stay motivated and focused on their goals.

A good coach can also help to identify potential gaps in employee skillset and encourage them to learn new skills by setting goals, monitoring performance, and providing feedback.

This highly interactive program will enable leaders to embed their learning during activities and share their experiences with the wider group.

  • Understanding the importance of influencing and coaching skills and leading teams to achieve success.

  • Understand the difference between feedback and coaching.

  • Coach for performance and outcomes

  • Strategies to improve employee engagement.

  • Tools and techniques for coaching discussions with team members including best practice questions and coaching plans.

  • Link coaching to performance development plans.

  • Identify and recognising high performing staff across all levels.

  • Establish a coaching culture and manage under performance.

  • Enable transformation relation to customer and employee experience.

Delivery Method:

Full Day Virtual Classroom

All Leaders

Target Audience:

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