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Dealing with Change

This half-day training program helps analyse the difficulties when dealing with change in the workplace. Change is occurring at an exponential rate, faster than ever before. The constant changes in our world, businesses and lives provide us with great advancements, but change also challenges us. 

This session will equip you with techniques and tips you can easily apply the minute you leave the session, including how to successfully transition to the change   by minimising the stress and trauma associated with change and maximizing productivity, engagement       and enjoyment of change. 

This workshop is ideal for all staff including, Leaders,  and team members who are looking to develop or advance their skills associated with dealing with    change.

  • Analyse how you react to change and how you can compare and differentiate how others respond to change.

  • Identify types of change and where change occurs by engaging in productive conversations about change.

  • Demonstrate initiative and acceptance to help change happen smoothly

  • Explain the efforts that change has on performance and how this impacts performance and emotion

  • Learn how to apply these techniques and be able to support yourself and others through change


Delivery Method:

Half-Day Virtual/Face to Face

All Staff

Target Audience:

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