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CX for Leaders - 
Align your Leadership to Best Practice

This program provides innovative ways to understand, create and manage customer experience in all channels.  It is designed to enable you to drive high performance, consistency, quality outcomes and identify efficiencies.

The day is jam packed with strategies to uplift the performance of a department, teams and individuals, while exceeding customer expectations.  It also provides an opportunity to explore your emotional intelligence as a leader, providing insights into how to manage emotions and demonstrate resilience in response to constraints, setbacks, and adversity.

The interactive training program includes presentations combined with interactive breakout sessions, providing you with the opportunity to practically apply your learning and network with peers to share stories and experiences.

  • Linking CX to your Corporate Strategy, Vision and Values.

  • The ‘CX ecosystem’ and how to uplift the performance of the department, teams, and individuals.

  • In-depth understanding of the six key leadership behaviours that drive CX.

  • Strategies to embed CX into your organisation’s culture.

  • Best practice reporting metrics and measurement tools

  • How to motivate team members while driving for results and creatively innovating.

  • Manage change and transformation, as well as understand your role as change champion.

  • Develop your skills as a leaders to improve both customer and employee experience.


Delivery Method:

Full Day Virtual Classroom

All Leaders

Target Audience:

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