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Customer Experience Maturity Model Assessment

Uncover the CX story of your organisation and understand how every moving part delivers (or doesn't) your customer experience.


Exceed Global's CXMM provides our clients with a baseline view of their level of maturity from a CX point of view.

The CXMM has 30+ elements of capability measurement across Strategy, People, Process and Technology and over 300 points of both qualitative and quantitative measurement.

The CXMM allows our clients to identify how aligned the organisation is to CX and identify gaps in its current capability.

Exceed Global's CXMM typically involves the following approach:

  • Diagnostic (clients can choose to limit the scope of the engagement dependent on their business requirements)​.

  • Leveraging the findings of the diagnostic, Exceed will design a Roadmap providing direction around opportunities to uplift the clients organsiational capability​.

  • Working with the client to implement end execute on the initiatives devised in the Roadmap. 


Contact us today to find out how we can uncover your Customer Experience Maturity. 

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