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Driving Customer Advocacy and Complaint Resolution

Driving customer advocacy involves understanding your customers and meeting their needs.  There is often a strong need in organisations to manage challenging situations that customers experience.  This program equips staff with strategies to manage difficult situations and resolve complaints while putting the customer at the centre of everything they do.

The program allows participants to explore customer relationships and establish a framework and focus on restoring relationships resulting in improved customer experience, satisfaction and retention.  It builds confidence to respond to complaints and feedback.

This workshop is ideal for all staff in internal or external customer facing roles, team leaders and management professionals looking to develop and advance their skill sets with the latest best practice techniques.

  • Provide strategies on how to handle difficult situations including complaints.

  • Guide customer expectations and deliver good and bad news more effectively.

  • Better understand your customers through active listening so you can deliver the best possible experience.

  • The role you play in the customer experience ecosystem.

  • Understand the differences between complaints and feedback.

  • Manage complaints successfully.

  • Constructive conflict management.

  • Persuasion and influence in managing conflict.

  • Becoming customer centric by better understanding your customers and their expectations.

  • Strategies to restore relationships with customers.


Delivery Method:

Half Day Virtual Classroom  

All Internal and External Customer Facing Staff.

Target Audience:

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