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Writing Effective Customer Communications 

Learn now how to be clear, concise and on purpose, as well as explain complex concepts and write using positive and persuasive language. This program enables you to deliver a positive experience for customers, whether they be internal or external.

If your current role involves written communication or you’re simply looking to develop your business writing skills, this is the ideal course for you. The course comprises of theory blended with a range of interactive activities to consolidate learning.

  • Determine the purpose and appropriate formats for documents before determining the logical sequences of data, information and knowledge.

  • Develop written communication skills in a variety of formats, including email, letters and documents.

  • Communicate information in a constructive and positive manner using language that customers can understand.

  • Create consistency and build credibility in your written communications.

  • Analyse information and documents provided by others for bias, gaps, conflicting advice and political implications.

  • Ensure data, information and knowledge is written concisely that satisfies business purposes.


Delivery Method:

Full Day Virtual Classroom

All Internal & External Customer Facing Staff

Target Audience:

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